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War at Woodland Hills 8:

Pendarvis defeats Frankel

By Francisco Salazar at ringside
Photos: Xavier Peres

Cleotis “Mookie” Pendarvis won a hard-fought 12 round unanimous decision over tough Robert Frankel at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, CA. The southpaw Pendarvis was the quicker of the two fighters, utilizing his speed to land right-left combinations to the head. Not to be outdone, Frankel found some success by countering with right hands and landing punches when he had Pendarvis against the ropes. Although Frankel pressed forward, he was not as active as he should have been, allowing Pendarvis to dictate the pace and fighting from a distance. All three judges scored the bout in favor of Pendarvis, 117-111, 118-110, and 119-109. scored the bout 116-112 in favor of Pendarvis, who resides in South Central Los Angeles, CA and improves to 15-3-2, 5 KOs. Frankel, from Denver, CO, falls to 30-12-1, 6 KOs. The bout headlined a six-bout “War at Woodland Hills 8″ card, presented by Art of Boxing Promotions, Bash Boxing, and Ural Boxing Promotions.

Light heavyweight Tyrell Hendrix won a one-sided six round unanimous decision over Loren Myers. Hendrix dropped Myers in the first round with a counter right hand to the head. Myers got up and was able to survive the round, but was dropped again at the end of the second round by a left Jan from Hendrix. Myers was able to get on the inside and score with occasional right hands to the head. However, Hendrix dropped Myers with another right hand to the head, this time in the third round. The action in the second half of the fight was sloppy at times. Hendrix could have made it easier for himself had he consistently thrown more jabs and attacked the body. Myers would land more to the body, but his punches had little impact. Hendrix looked like he hurt his right hand in the sixth, favoring his hand at times and hardly throwing it. Myers tried to bait Hendrix to punch, but both fighters did little until the final bell sounded. All three judges, including, scored the bout 60-51 in favor of Hendrix, who hails from Los Angeles and improves to 9-1-2, 3 KOs. Myers, from Fresno, CA, drops to 8-16-1, 2 KOs.

Welterweight Anton Novikov won a workmanlike, yet one-sided six round unanimous decision over Paul Mpendo. The southpaw Novikov was busier and more accurate than Mpendo throughout most of the fight. A left hand by Novikov stunned Mpendo at the end of the second round, but Mpendo was able to survive the round. Novikov increased his punch output in the middle rounds. He was rewarded in the fifth when he dropped Mpendo with a counter left cross to the head at the beginning of the fifth. Mpendo got up and fought back, despite Novikov doing everything he could to get him out of there. A left hand by Novikov stunned Mpendo again at the beginning of the sixth, but Mpendo was able to make it until the final bell. All three judges, including, scored the bout 60-53 in favor of Novikov, who hails from Kopeysk, Russia and improves to 25-0, 10 KOs. Mpendo, from Eugene, OR, drops to 7-10-4, 3 KOs.

Hard-hitting Shawn Nichol won a hard-fought and entertaining four round unanimous decision over Raymond Chacon. Nichol dropped Chacon in the first round with an overhand left cross to the head. Nichol started to how’s sign of fatigue in the second round, allowing Chacon to outwork him. In the opening moments of the third, Nichol dripped an off-balanced Chacon with a right jab to the head. As tired as Nichol was, Chacon did not throw his hands often, especially to the body. At the end of the round, Nichol dropped Chacon again with a overhand left to the head. Chacon was able to survive the round, but did very little in the fourth round to try to hurt or drop his opponent. Nichol would wisely hold on or move around the ring until the final bell sounded. All three judges, including, scored the bout 38-35 in favor of Nichol, who hails from Denver, CO and goes to 6-10-1, 5 KOs. Chacon, from Carson, CA, falls to 4-2.

Welterweight Alsanbek Kozaev impressively stopped James Ventry in the first round of a scheduled six round bout. After a feeling-out opening minute, Kozaev dropped Ventry with a straight counter right hand to the head. Although Ventry stood up, Kozaev found his range by landing repeated right hands to the head. As Kozaev attacked the body as well, he pinned Ventry in a corner, stunning his opponent in a corner. Although he was not visibly hurt, Ventry was not fighting back, prompting referee Pat Russell to stop the fight at 2:18. Kozaev, from Vladikavkaz, Russia, improves to 21-0, 7 KOs. Ventry, from Niagara Falls, NY, drops to 7-15-1 4 KOs.

Middleweight Carlos Rodriguez stopped Ricardo Malfavon in the first round of a scheduled four round bout. Rodriguez was on the attack from the opening bell against the smaller Malfavon, who occasionally countered with a right hand to the head. Later in the round, Rodriguez backed him up against the ropes, hurting him with a barrage of punches. Rodriguez continued raining punches down on Malfavon, prompting referee David Mendoza to intervene and stop the fight at 2:33. Rodriguez, from Oxnard, CA, improves to 3-0, 1 KO. Malfavon, from Santa Ana, CA by way of Michoacan, Mexico, falls to 2-9-1, 2 KOs.

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