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Full Ringside Report from Hollywood, California

Written by Geoff Booth
Photos: Elisabeth Bauman
Courtesy of:

Bash Boxing had a great turnout this evening. There was a who’s who of big names in the building that included Mickey Rourke, Harold Letterman, John McCarthy (who refereed 2 MMA bouts during the evening), Robert Garcia, Freddie Roach, Steve Forbes, and Henry Tillman among others. But beyond that Star-studded turn out (complete with red carpet), Steve Bash also had time to put on a great card for boxing fans at the Nostalgic Florentine Gardens.

The main event didn’t last long at all but it gave the crowd exactly what it was looking for and sent everyone home happy. Welterweight prospect Terrell Williams 10-0 (9kos) only needed 1:56 seconds to run through Luis Alfredo Lugo 13-18 (7kos), and he did so in breath taking fashion. Terrell dropped Luis with a perfect left hook that not many would have been able to rise from. To Lugo’s credit he did though, and as soon as the action resumed Williams picked up right where he left off and battered Lugo across the ring and along the ropes with shot after shot, before finally dropping him with a right hand right as Lou Moret called a halt to the action.

The co-main event saw 4-6 Raymond Chacon come up short in a close fight against Khabir Suleymanov, who improved to 14-3 (6kos). Referee Zac Young had his work cut out for him as there were many clinches, takedowns, and tackles throughout the fight. The contest began very slowly with a lot of posing and pawing between the two combatants. The first round however, would ultimately be the story of the next 5. Khabir constantly tried to press the action and was looking to make the fight a brawl while Chacon was content to land one shot at a time and cause as many breaks in the action as possible. There were moments throughout the fight where it looked like Chacon’s southpaw stance and counterpunching would take over, But Khabir showed what “appeared” to be a decent chin, and stormed back with some decent shots of his own. Going into the last round it was anybody’s guess who was ahead and Khabir only continued to apply pressure while Chacon, who must have thought he was comfortably ahead, elected to hold much of the round. Judge David Mendoza had it 58-56 for Chacon, while Judges Marty Denkin and Sergio Caiz had it 58-56 for Khabir Suleymanov. Ringnews24 had it 58-56 for Suleymanov.

Freddie Roach trained welterweight Liam Vaughan increased his record to 7-1 (2kos) over Antron Pearson who now stands at 2-4 (2kos). Liam Vaughan not only looked like Ricky Hatton, but fought like him aswell. From the opening bell he went straight at Pearson and turned the pressure on and up all the way to the final bell. Every once in awhile Pearson would find a home for a counter right hand but in turn would take 4 or 5 shots for his trouble and by the 4th round it looked like his right eye may be on its way to closing. Pearson’s best moments came in the beginning of the 5th, but Vaughan just turned up the energy and mauled Pearson to the body on the inside for the remainder of the fight. The winner was never in doubt as Judge David Mendoza had it 59-55 while Marty Denkin and Sergio Caiz had it 60-54 all for Liam Vaughan. Ringnews24 also had it 60-54 for Vaughan.

In a battle of cruiserweights, Vyacheslev Shabransky 8-2-1 (5kos) picked up an easy one sided win over Emmanuel Wright 5-2 (5kos). In the opening moments it looked like Wright would be a bit too crafty for Shabransky, but he ended up giving his Ukrainian foe far too many opportunities to land to the body. That body attack would ultimately take its toll over the next 3 one-sided rounds. The 2nd and 3rd rounds were all Shabransky, who continued to land at will more or less to the head and body. It probably would have been wise to stop the fight at the end of the 3rd, but nonetheless Pearson courageously came out for his 4th and final round. Shabransky landed a left hook that froze Pearson’s legs for a moment and then proceeded with his body snatching onslaught until Lou Moret waived the fight off. The time was 2:16.

The only heavyweight bout of the evening saw Southpaw Charles Martin improve his unbeaten record to 6-0 (6kos) over Phillip Triantafillo who now stands at 2-2. Phillip was game for the entire round and a half that it lasted but could not deal with size, power, skill, or speed of Martin. After a slow and ugly first round Charles Martin got down to business and dropped Triantafillo with a sharp uppercut. He rose bravely and when the action resumed he came out firing like he had never been dropped in the first place. But Martin already had his range dialed in, shook him with a good straight left and then ended matters moments later with a looping left to the head. Time of the stoppage was 1:44 of the 2nd round.

The opening bout stole the show and was by far and away the best of the evening. It was one of those fights where you say to yourself, “this is why I love boxing.” Super bantamweight Erik Ruiz 8-0 (3kos) and Trainer Robert Garcia had their work cut out for them against the “Tough as Nails” Oscar Venegas 2-2 (1kos). Erik Ruiz came out strong and looked very sharp landing clean hard blows against Oscar. A left hook from Erik midround looked like it might spell disaster for Oscar, but it only made the lesser experienced and outgunned Venegas fight harder and the two traded as the bell ended the 1st round. The 2nd and 3rd rounds were very close as Venegas continued to pick up the pace and work behind a decent jab while Ruiz continued to land the harder shots. The 4th round was the best of the fight as both men gave as good as they got from bell to bell. The crowd roared with approval. They never looked back and continued the same pattern for the last 2 rounds of the fight. It looked as though Ruiz, who landed most of what he threw, was exhausted by the end of the fight as Venegas who never stopped punching, was surprisingly the fresher of the two. This was truly a “what did you like” type of fight and the outcome seemed in doubt before the decision was announced. Judge David Mendoza had the fight 59-55 for Ruiz. Sergio Caiz had it 58-56 for Venegas and Marty Denkin turned in a score of 58-56 for the winner by split decision, Erik Ruiz. Ringnews24 had it 57-57.

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