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Augustama surprises Livingston

Ringside by: Miguel Maravilla at ringside
Photography by: “Big” Joe Miranda
Courtesy of:

Boxing returned to the Warner Center in Woodland Hills, California Saturday night as Kahren Harutyunyan Art of Boxing in association with Steve Bash presented a special 70s theme edition of “War at Woodland Hills” billed as “Saturday Boxing Fever” at the Warner Center Marriott for a night of boxing and disco which included eight bouts. In the main event, Haitian middleweight Elie Augustama (6-4, 3 KOs) pulled off an upset, winning a six round split decision over previously unbeaten Donyil Livingston (8-1-1, 4 KOs).

In the opening round, both exchanged on the inside but closing the round Agustama landed a solid right that sent Livingston to the canvas. Round two Agustama began working well behind the jab as Livingston worked his way inside. Agustama continued working the jab effective in round three circling the ring as Livingston began pressuring the taller fighter. However in round four Livingston began working inside effectively on the lanky Agustama, as Agustama began to complain to the referee about rabbit punching. Agustama adjusted the next round as he kept his distance and worked well with the jab continuing to circle the ring as Livingston began to get frustrated. Continuing his game plan Agustama worked the jab as Livingston could not figure out the awkward style of Agustama. In the end Elie Agustama would squeak by with a split decision as one judge scored it 58-55 for Livingston while the other two scored 58-55 for Agustama.

Lightweight Herbert Acevedo of Oxnard scored a second round TKO over Eddie Ramirez of Texas. Acevedo used the jab early in round one but came out strong in round two as he stunned Ramirez with a right hand, Acevedo then followed with combinations as he scored a knockdown. Acevedo attack scored another knockdown with a left hook, Ramirez would rise but Acevedo continued his attack as referee Jack Reiss would step in to stop the contest at 2:10 of round two. Herbert Acevedo remains undefeated improving his record to 7-0 and currently trains at the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy.

In a scheduled six round super middleweight bout it took four rounds for Tyrell Hendrix to stop Reynaldo Rodriguez. Hendrix used the one-two early, the action got interesting in round two as both mixed it up on the inside. However in round three Rodriguez began to tire as Hendrix was getting the better on the inside. In round four Hendrix landed a right hand followed by combinations knocking down Rodriguez and referee Jack Reiss counted out Rodriguez at 2:09. Hendrix who trains at the Wild Card Gym improves his record to 8-1-2.

Welterweight Zachary “Kid Yamaka” Wohlman won a first round TKO over Cifforrd McPherson. Wohlman came out jabbing as McPherson came out swinging wildly landing with overhand rights that were bothering Wohlman. Suddenly as both were exchanging McPherson went down not by a punch but appeared to have injured his hand. Referee Lou Moret counted out McPherson at 1:44 in the first round. McPherson was unable to continue due to a thumb injury as Zachary “Kid Wohlman” remains undefeated and now stands at 3-0.

The first bout of the evening began with Daniel Roman breaking down Jesus Adame with continuous body punches as Roman worked the inside with left hooks to the body followed by uppercuts throughout the fight. Referee Jack Reiss called a halt to the action at 2:09 of the fourth round as Adame was overwhelmed by Roman’s effectiveness on the inside. Roman improves his record to 3-1 and is currently managed by Frank Espinoza of Espinoza Boxing Club.

Making their professional debuts Neil Arellano of San Fernando and Shawn Gary of Los Angeles provided an action packed four round lightweight bout as both came out exchanging. In round two Arellano stunned Gary with a vicious left hook as Gary clinched and survived Arellano’s attack. Arellano and Gary continued to entertain the crowd through four rounds. In the end Arellano came out victorious winning a unanimous decision by scores of 40-36, 40-36, and 39-37. Neil Arellano wins his professional debut as he now stands at 1-0.

In bantamweight action, Oscar Diaz and Oscar Santana fought a very interesting four round bout. Diaz was cut above the left eye in the opening round by an unintentional head butt, later he was knocked down by a counter left hook. Diaz managed to survive the first round as the southpaw made it awkward for Santana. However, Santana won a convincing unanimous decision as he landed the more effective punches throughout the fight and scored a knockdown early, judges scored it 39-36, 39-36, and 38-37. Santana improved his record to 2-1 as Diaz suffers his first pro loss and now stands at 2-1, 1KO.

In woman’s action, Claudia Gutierrez won a majority decision over Celine Roman. Styles made this fight as Gutierrez used the jab and moved well in the ring frustrating Roman as she came forward landing power punches. One judge scored it even 38-38 while the other two judges scored it 39-37, 40-36. Gutierrez improves her record to 2-1, Roman suffers her first loss and now stands at 2-1.

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